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InsightEXIT Exit Survey Management “Talented, focused and committed employees are
critical to the success of service companies."
- George Kerns, president and CEO of Digex.
Instant online feedback from departing employees
An honest forum for telling why they're leaving
Early-warning indicator of turnover drivers
Real-time reporting and benchmarking


Although almost nine-in-ten U.S. organizations interview departing employees, only 4% use a systematized method of collecting and tabulating their exit survey findings. This means that many organizations are missing out on an opportunity to collect valuable data that would, in turn, assist their recruitment and retention efforts.

InsightEXIT is an efficient and cost-effective online measurement tool that has been designed to provide employers with a systematic evaluation of all the reasons why employees are leaving their organization. Results are available to all registered users at any time.


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Insightlink Communications Employee Surveys
InsightEXIT is a service provided by Insightlink Communications, a recognized leader in employee research. Our comprehensive 4Cs Employee Opinion Survey has benefited hundreds of organizations worldwide.

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